Customer Case Studies

Insights products and strategic solutions have helped transform businesses   around the world. These case studies help illustrate just some of the ways that   Insights and our products can support your learning and development programs.

Insights and BT: The World’s Largest   Telecommunications Company

500px-BT_logo_svgBT – the world’s largest telecom company – has experienced profound internal restructuring, in which the work of Insights has   been seen as vital to supporting both strategic decisions and helping individual staff through the changes.


Insights and Novartis: Global Success Through   Evolving Partnerships

logo_novartisNovartis is now the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company. Before, during and since their merger with Sandoz, Insights has achieved what is acknowledged as a vital role in developing the company’s global leaders.


BC Hydro

bchg_logo_col [Converted2]The common language created by Insights is proving to be highly valuable as the Canadian utility giant undergoes significant restructuring to position itself for a more competitive environment.


Xerox Canada

Xerox_Logo_xw180The Insights methodology provided a universal language that has strengthened Xerox’s development efforts through a number of cross-functional applications