Desire To Be More Successful

Desire To Be More Successful

We all have a desire to be more successful.  Of course what success means can be very different for each of us. For some it’s personal, like being healthier, or finding a better work/life balance, or trying to achieve our full potential.  For others it’s business success, which generally means getting more sales for our companies.  The pressure to attain business success can be stressful, as we search for answers to help us achieve the results we desire.

Recently a very good friend of mine recommended a book called, “The Diamond Cutter” by Michael Roach, which has been my ‘cottage book’ this summer, reading it whenever I had a quiet moment. In fact it speaks to the powerful results that can come from our taking time to reflect on the right things in our ‘quiet moments’.  In the book I was looking for answers to the question of financial success and found it in the simple text which hit home for me, “In order to see yourself do well in business and prosper financially… maintain a generous state of mind.”  I have fallen into the trap of thinking the ‘pie’ was only so big and I wanted my piece, and others should keep their hands off my part. But now, being generous to others in order to achieve success yourself, – seems obvious to me. The late great sales trainer Zig Ziggler famously said, “You can get anything you want, so long as you simply help other people get what they want.”

Often we forget to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and approach things from their point of view, not only in business, but also in our personal relationships.  This fundamental applies in our work at Insights.  Another person’s perception of things is reality for them and my perception is reality for me.  It colours the way we see things and what we argue and defend to be true. To know this fact and be aware of it, in your business and personal relationships, allows you the opportunity to know yourself better and choose how you are going to react to things and to be more patient and wise in your interactions.

Finally from “The Diamond Cutter”, “In order to see yourself get all you ever wished for, and see others get all they ever wished for as well, cultivate an attitude of compassion towards others.” Then the phrase, “How can I help?” takes on new meaning. When you are aiding others, you are helping yourself be successful too.

–          Alan Maclachlan, President, Insights Toronto

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