Meaningful Team Transformation

Meaningful Team Transformation

Last week I facilitated an Insights Discovery Accreditation in Toronto.  It was a small group of seven brave souls, who trusted me with their education for four wonderful days.  They only had a rough idea about what they were in store for. All they really knew was that they wished to be ‘trained’ in using Insights Discovery in their organizations.

But a funny thing happened on the way through accreditation… we bonded as a team despite never having met each other before.  On day one we grinded it out, working through the logic and mathematics of the model, on day two we experienced an Insights Discovery day, and on day three we put the learning into practice and spent time coaching each other with our personal profiles.  And then on the evening of day three we went out to dinner at a local Italian restaurant.  We decided to walk from the hotel, telling stories as we went – strolling along the cobblestone streets of old Toronto.

The time we had spent learning about each other through our Insights Discovery profiles meant we knew about the way each of us were naturally oriented to our world.  Some of us were quiet and reflective, while others were outgoing – laughing out loud at our own stories.   We had a wholly enjoyable evening comfortable in our own uniqueness, each approaching things in our own way, but with Insights Discovery we had a common language and an acceptance of differences which made each interaction, each shared story, a learning experience.

After dinner we departed, ready for the fourth and final day, though a few of us lingered to finish a glass of wine and wait for a taxi.  The waitress came over to clean up and said she was pleased that we had had so much genuine fun at dinner.  She asked how long we had all worked together and was astounded to learn we had only met each other two days before.

What had allowed us to evolve from a group of professionals into a team of colleagues who appreciated each other and were so engaged?  One participant said they felt more comfortable interacting with this group than they did with people back at the office they had worked with for years.  How was that possible?

Simply put, having an effective and easy to understand model allows for an appreciation of differences and the special gifts that each person brings to a team, to an organization, or to a group of new colleagues. The transformation this group went through is available to organizations which put their trust in Insights Discovery to help with personal development, connecting with clients and stakeholders, or making teams more effective.

–          Alan Maclachlan, President, Insights Toronto

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