Insights Workshop Journals

Bring learning to life

Simplify the learning experience for your people with an interactive, practical and questioning approach that can be continued long after a workshop has ended…

Insights Workshop Journals are ideal if you want to:

  • increase the engagement of individuals and teams
  • inspire people to apply their learning to real life situations
  • provide a practical resource that supports ongoing development

How they work

Simple, colourful and practical, the Insights Workshop Journals offer an engaging approach to learning. They provide opportunities for individuals to gain fresh and deep insight into their individual, team, leadership and sales effectiveness.

The Journals provide a clear agenda with quick reference to key learning points, and conclude with action planning to inspire positive, lasting change. Designed to engage people in discussion and stimulate reflection, Insights Workshop Journals ensure a rich and sustainable learning experience for all.

Where they can lead

The Insights Workshop Journals support people to reach a new level of understanding of their effectiveness.  Working with you, we inspire your people to take action and apply and embed their learning in real life situations.

Using Workshop Journals as part of a wider program

  • Insights Workshop Journals are an ideal complement to any Insights Discovery or Insights Navigator program.
  • with practical exercises aligned to the Insights Discovery Personal Profile, the Journals bring the profile to life supporting people to proactively use the information to stretch and grow.

Insights’ programs are:

1. Simple: easy to understand so everyone can apply what they learn.
2. Universal: they speak to everyone – your whole organization will be captivated by the Insights’ magic.
3. Deeply Insightful: take you places that you never expected.
4. Positive: our supportive language is so engaging it empowers people to change.