It’s the ‘March Break’ here in Ontario and school aged children have the week off to enjoy the last departing weeks of winter and the warming sunshine of spring.   I awoke this morning to a bright sunny day and my walk with the dog thankfully did not require gloves and a hat.  It has been a particularly long and cold winter and there is still a blanket of snow on the ground and thick ice on the pond, but something new is in the air… springtime.

For me it is the excitement of renewal.  We start to feel better because of a promise of new life, new ideas and new beginnings. We fall in love again and our minds become preoccupied with possibilities.  And as always my mind turns to self awareness.  Who am I?  Why am I here?  What’s important?

The Harvard Business Review says the most important attribute a leader can have is self awareness.  It’s the kind of revelation we love to address at Insights. 

–          Alan Maclachlan, President, Insights Toronto

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