Company History

Insights Toronto was founded in May 2000 and was one of the first Authorized Learning Centres in North America for Insights Learning & Development in Dundee, Scotland. Insights Toronto works with Insights offices around the globe to bring the power and uniqueness of the Insights Discovery System Assessments and Software to organizations and teams everywhere.

The Insights Discovery System is a highly reliable and proven system focused on improving personal, team and organizational effectiveness. Based upon the theory of Psychological Type by Dr. Carl G. Jung, the Insights Discovery System is designed to be a practical application of Jungian psychology focused on the workplace.

Insights Toronto services Clients throughout the province of Ontario and beyond. We work with a team of Certified Consultants who have real world business experience, in a wide range of business sectors in all major functional areas. We consider those qualifications key as they contribute to highly informed perspectives that lead to practical business solutions. Collectively, they represent great depth of experience in the personal and organizational development fields. Whatever your need from learning and development consulting, to interactive and dynamic workshop facilitation, coaching or keynote speaking, Insights Toronto can identify the Consultant best qualified to meet those specific needs.