Team Members

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Alan Maclachlan

Chief Executive


Alan Maclachlan is the Chief Executive of Insights Learning & Development in Ontario. His unique life experience combines twenty five years of Business and Sales Management with elite international athletics.  He has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to be an effective leader and manager, and is committed to personal development, – each person being the best they can be. Alan competed for Canada in two Olympic Games as team captain and driver of the four- man bobsled. Alan is committed to assisting organizations with improving Teamwork, Leadership Development and Sales Training. He is in demand both as a facilitator and keynote speaker, and has helped clients around the world.

What aspect of our  business are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about all aspects of our business, from  individual work, to teams, to leadership and sales effectiveness. But over the  years I have been called on to travel the world working with leaders and  managers who benefit from exploring their different leadership styles, then  putting that knowledge onto either the Insights Discovery or ITL models, which  allows for easy understanding.  They come to the realization that  awareness allows for better options regarding how they can be more effective in  their environments and relationships.

Is  there any product or program that you would point to, as the most powerful  component of our portfolio?

The Insights Discovery Personal Profile can be used in so many  ways. It creates personal awareness, opens the door to constructive  conversations with teams, and improves relationships with customers, clients,  colleagues, managers, peers, and even a personal partner. It is not something  we sell; it is a gift we bring.  I feel  honored to be able to offer the expertise of our Insights team both here in Ontario and around the  world, to our clients in these areas.


Kathy Thom

Managing Director


Kathy Thom is Managing Director of Insights Toronto. She has over  twenty years of experience in the Marketing and Communications industries  having managed strategic business planning, marketing program development as  well as having had significant involvement in organizational restructuring and  team development planning processes. Having spent much of her career in  Marketing and Sales roles, she has firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced  in business and the importance of productive working relationships. This  provides an informed perspective on how Insights programs can successfully  support personal, team and organizational growth. As a keynote speaker and  facilitator, she focuses on practical solutions that deliver actionable  outcomes for clients in many sectors.

What aspect of our business are you most  passionate about?

I am most passionate about developing  partnerships with every client that will earn their trust. I believe that  trust is earned through commitment, collaboration, hard work and going over and  above what is expected. The key to an effective consultative development  process is the careful assessment of the issues, clarification of needs  and the identification of on- going development opportunities that will  deliver measurable results.

Is there any product or program that you  would point to, as the most powerful component of our portfolio?

Each of our programs are designed to  address specific learning and development issues but I believe that one of the most powerful  benefits of our programs is the unique way that we educate. We  consistently receive feedback that our work not only informs people but creates  discussions and relationships that empower, value diversity of style, allow for  positive, open dialogue and does so in a way that inspires and entertains. No  one ever said that learning couldn’t be fun and our consultants move individual  and groups through a development process that is as pleasurable as it is  productive. Our value is best realized by the one-of-a-kind program solutions  that deliver long- term, sustainable results.


Peter Maclachlan

Director of Client Relationships


Peter Maclachlan is the Director of Client Relationships with  Insights Learning & Development, Toronto.  With a background in team development and leadership, Peter has always found  the study of human behavior to be an area of great interest. Spending most of  his career in sales and marketing, Peter has the experience necessary to help  guide clients through their development process.  Working with large national companies, he is  an expert at helping clients develop in the areas of inter-personal dynamics,  teamwork, team effectiveness, leadership development and consultative selling  skills.

What aspect of our  business are you most passionate about?

I am extremely passionate about the relationships we create  with our clients.  It is my goal when working  with any company to have a relationship that goes beyond buyer/seller and moves  into partnership.  It is extremely  exciting partnering with our clients to better understand how they work, and  what makes them unique.  So much can be  learned from our clients, and I know they learn from us.

Is  there any product or program that you would point to, as the most powerful  component of our portfolio?

The Discovery Portfolio is hugely powerful.  The personal profile allows for an  unparalleled understanding of self.  It  can be applied as a development solution for teams, leadership, and sales.  It creates a language that is so intuitive it  can be understood at all levels of an organization.  The Discovery Transformational Leadership  solution allows for a great look into our leadership preferences, and Discovery Full Circle  allows for a great understanding of how we are understood and seen by others.  Our Discovery Team Effectiveness solution  offers great insight into the dynamic of a team, and the Sales Effectiveness  programs allows individuals to better understand the people side of the sales  process.  The Discovery Portfolio can create  long term solutions.  It is the  foundation of our program offerings, and is the best preference based system in  the world.


Jane Ross

Insights Toronto Consultant


Jane Ross, B. Ed., is an Insights Toronto consultant who brings  both breadth and depth of business and people-management experience to the team  after seventeen years in the Marketing industry. Her practical experience  working in the corporate environment with many blue chip, multi-national  organizations has resulted in Jane’s exceptional skill in designing and  delivering programs that provide comprehensive  and actionable ideas that inspire and empower her clients to meet their  objectives. Jane is also a keynote speaker who works to provide guidance to  those in corporate, educational and special interest groups on Life and Career  Planning.

What aspect of our business are you most passionate  about?

I am  passionate about Insights because it allows me to provide my clients with  a clear, unbiased language for understanding how to effectively communicate  with their team members. I like that immediately, my clients learn  how to adjust their communication styles and “think” before  interactions, in order to have more productive conversations. They learn  to look for multiple ways to get problems solved, and how to truly harness  the strengths of their team.

Is  there any product or program that you would point to, as the most powerful  component of our portfolio?

Personal Effectiveness is the most powerful  component because  it quickly shows individuals how to optimally manage  themselves and better adapt and connect to others, for more efficient and  effective communication.  Its practicality, respectfulness  and clear language are hallmarks of the wisdom of the Insights  tool.