Validating the Insights Discovery model

Insights Discovery Model

Insights Discovery Model

Reliability and Validity

The Insights Discovery system has been registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and their testing centre (PTC).

As a result of rigorous testing Discovery carries the PTC mark and is sanctioned as a tool suitable for the following uses:

  1. Work and occupational development
  2. Counselling, advice, guidance and career choice (although we do not promote the sole use of Discovery for recruitment selection)
  3. General health and well-being

Testing the Insights Discovery Evaluator

The Insights Discovery model is based on the extensive research of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and the subsequent work of Jolande Jacobi, one of his leading students. The model uses four colours to represent observable behavioural patterns which are measured by the Discovery evaluator; a 25-frame questionnaire of statements from 100 word pairs, which when completed, produces the Insights Discovery Profile.

The evaluator has been tested and updated to measure the quality of the 100 word pairs and weaker ones replaced with stronger ones. They’ve also been tested for reliability and validity in huge numbers to help gauge how robust the word pairs used in the evaluator are. This included testing word pairs that we expected to generate polar opposite results for example Sunshine Yellow vs Cool Blue and Fiery Red vs Earth Green.

In summary

By rigorously testing the validity and reliability of the model, this means that when you complete an evaluator you know that it’s an accurate assessment of your unique preferences.  And the constant  evolution of language means that the Discovery Evaluator will continue to develop. We monitor the Insights Discovery Evaluator in its 30+ languages.

Examples of the statistical reliability and validity tests can be obtained from Insights Learning and Development Ltd on request. If you require any more information on this process please do contact us.